Maui journey

A place you re-connect with the Earth and your True self.

"Visiting Maui changed my life"

I heard so many people say so.

Why does this happen?

That's because just being in Maui, your heart opens automatically.

Hawaii is known as a heart chakra of the Earth.

Among those islands, Maui is called "Mother Maui"

It gives you a deep relief as if you came home.

When you come home where welcomes you as who you are,

your heart opens naturally.

Beyond the door in your heart, there is your true self. 

A place where you become who you really are.

Maui is a very healing island,

and at the same time, it is an island which gives you growth and shift,

just as the mother nurtures the child.

There is a one important point which is common in those who's life changed through the visit in Maui.

That is

With whom, and how you spend time in Maui.

Maui is called "a magic island" which is little tricky.

It gives you totally different experiences based on what kind of intention you have.

That is just like the TV channels.

Even you have same TV, it will show everyone totally different programs based on what channel you tune in to.

Some will be laughing watching comedy,

some will be crying through a sad drama.

Every one will have totally different experiences through same TV.

Maui is an island which makes this differences very clear.

Even you are at same place, same time, still you will only meet or experience what you are tuned in to.

There for, how would you want to spend time in Maui,

with whom, with what intention, and where tuning in to,

gets so important.

What channel do you want to experience?

Re-member who you really are.

Live your Authenticity.

Re-connect to Mother Earth.

Resonating with the Universe and Nature.

The tour we provide is full with those experiences.

Which journey do you want?

Maui Tour

Lyra and Deek, both being therapist for so long in their life, the tour we create is very unique.

You can make a specific request like sunset at Haleakala summit, and also rough request like spiritual spot. Feel free to ask. If you need, we can find the place to stay too. $88〜

we recommend this to those who wants to

・Enjoy Maui's great nature.

・Visit secret / sacred spots.

・Join a unique tour which touches the heart of Maui and yourself.

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Maui life sharing

Wakining with the dawning, and decide what to do based on that days weather. 

Have dinner which was made from the garden, with the beautiful sunset.

Sleep under the perfect starry sky.

Maui life has taught me the beauty and the abundance of "live here and now".

There is something you cannot experience through sight seeing, but only in the regular life in Maui. 

We will share our Maui life with you.

we recommend this to those who wants to

・Experience the life in Maui

・Spend a relaxing time at home

・Connect with the beauty in daily life.

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Maui Retreat

Dive in deeply into Mother Maui, and bring healing and awakening in your life.

We provide this retreat in a small grope from about 4 days to 8 days.

The body work ;connects you to your authenticity, Aura-Soma ; show your true self, Maui Tour; melting into mother nature, we will combine these 3 in the flow. 

Each day will be about 6-8 hours $250〜

we recommend this to those who wants to

・Get healing and learning and fun!

・Experience to surrender to the inspiration and flow.

・Get support to re-connect to your true self.

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